Resident Evil 5 Walkthrough

After watching the intro cinematic, move forward along the path towards the butcher shop. If at anytime you become lost, open your map (R2 button on PS3, RB on Xbox 360) and your next goal will be highlighted. Enter the door on the right side of the building to meet up with your contact.

The case contains basic equipment such as hand guns and knives.

After a short cut-scene, open up the case on the table. It contains two M92F handguns, one each for Chris and Sheeva. Equip the guns and move left towards the exit. Walk down the stairs ahead and enter the building on the right.

Break boxes to discover free items.

Inside will be several crates and barrels. Break these containers with your knife to receive random ammo, herbs, or money. There will also be other consistent items in plain sight. Exit the building through the door ahead, walk up a flight of stairs, and enter the door to the next zone.

The Infected Majini

Collect herb and ammo in the first house. You'll soon meet the first Majini in the next house.

After a short scene, you'll encounter the first enemy: an infected Majini. The basic Majini can only use grapple attacks, so it's safe to stand back and shoot him until he's defeated. Try to aim for the head, as it’s the most vulnerable. You can also rely on your knife or converse time by not killing the enemy. Ammunition is very limited, so running from normal enemies is a viable tactic.

Find the window and breakthrough to reach the level below.

Regardless if you fight or flee, proceed left, and locate the window. Move close to the window, a button will display on screen. Press the corresponding button to jump through the window and land in the next area.

When the swarm appears, use quick turns to make your way to the house.

Here, you'll be ambushed by a large amount of enemies. There are too many to safely take on. Instead of fighting directly, it's a better strategy to run. Use quick turns (LS back while holding X on PS3/A on 360) to flip around and head in the other direction. Continue down the road and enter the building ahead. Sheeva will automatically bar the entrance, preventing the horde from following you.

Chris and Sheva must work together to open the door. Drop down the hole to continue on.

Pick up any items inside the building and move to the door on the right. This door requires both Chris and Sheeva to open it. Initiate opening the door and wait for Sheeva to assist you. In the next room, move right, and drop down through the hole below.

Make sure to collect all of the herbs around before continuing.

There will be more herbs and ammunition up ahead. Make sure you're well stocked, combine any herb you have, and give Sheeva whatever you don't need. When ready, move inside the building to start a cut-scene.

Public Execution

The crowd will surround the house. Push the bookcases towards the windows to block the alternate enterances.

The infected from the cut-scene will have surrounded the building. The building has three entrances: a door and two windows. There are also bookshelves sitting next to each window. To delay the enemy advance, push the bookshelves and block the windows. This barrier is only temporary, as the Majini will eventually break through after about 50 seconds.


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