Lair Walkthrough for ps3

There isn't any walkthrough for this game now.- Always follow the arrows, they will tell you where you need to go. Remember
one simple rule: yellow good, red bad.

- Completing each chapter will net you a medal depending on how well you do.
These will range from bronze to silver to gold and, best of all, platinum.

- Carnage can be gained in larger numbers by making sure that you use combo
attacks and the like to slaughter enemies more efficiently. If you do this well
enough you should get the medals with little trouble.

- Most of the boss enemies are a simple mattter to defeat. Once you learn the
strategy to hurt them it never really changes. It becomes a matter of repeating
it over and over until they die due to the fact that they are usually very
predictable and have no real surprises in the fights.

- When entering into fight mode with the enemies, make sure that you get used
to blocking and then attacking. You can die really fast if you do not block the
enemy attacks, so block and then counter attack however you like. Safety will
win you more battles than recklessness in this game.
If you have a walkthrough you can send it by clicking here.
Lair Walkthrough

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