Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Walkthrough ps3

There isn't any walkthrough for this game now. If you have a walkthrough you can send it by clicking here.
Note: I should point out since the game has no compass we will just have to
guide you by telling you left or right as you enter an area or room usually
depending on which way you are facing if it's after a Scene.


1. For this first chapter all you need to do is get use to the controls and
follow all the prompts the game shows at the bottom of the screen to get rid
of all the pirates that show up (to take care of some of the pirates on the
boats be sure to shoot the explosive barrels on the boats if there is any on
them that is).

2. You will especially want to get use to taking cover as you will be doing
that plenty during this game (for those that have played Kill*switch you
should be quite use to this).

3. Once the boat with the grenade launcher shows up just take cover to avoid
being hit until help arrives
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Walkthrough

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