Anacapa Island Sea Cave Escape Walkthrough

First Scene

There are three rocks that you can pickup and place in the middle of the, I’ll say river. Lower left side, medium rock, about the middle. Upper right side a big rock that goes below the medium rock. Upper left for the small rock, place that on the top so it looks like the picture.

Miners Hat

Step onto the stones as if you were walking to the face of the cliffs. You will see a light colored spot. Click on that and get a miners hat.


Now, step on second stone and click on first one. I should move to the left. Step on the little stone and click on the second and it will move to the left. Step on the second stone and click on the first and the stones should all be horizontal now. Step to the left of the screen and click on the rocks. It should zoom in and then click on the three rocks there until you uncover the hammer.
Take the hammer then step to the right stone. Once on that stone, click on the cave entrance.

First Cave

Inside the first cave use the helmet to see. As you watch the water flow, you will notice that it makes a sharp curve to the left around a point and then to the right. Watch just above the point and as the waves come in and out you will see a brown colored rock that looks like a spear point. Click on it fast or you will have to wait till it is visible again.
Now, just to the right of where you get the spear point you will see a black line in the water. Click in that area and it will zoom in. Like the spear point, a seashell will become visible as you watch. It’s just to the left top of the black line. Click on it as soon as you see it.
Click on the black hole on the right to go to second cave.

Second Cave

There is a black rock just to the left of the big one. Use the hammer a little to the left bottom side of that rock. It will take a little doing to get the hammer to start pounding. Once you get it to work, it will take two times before you move to the right. Then next rock will take 3 times, the forth rock to the right will open up the cave.


You will see where the water comes up to a plant in the middle. Use the spear point to dig right there. If you dig anywhere else it’s a waste of time. The spear will keep digging if you hit the right bush. This will uncover a barrel.
Use the hammer on it and a green liquid will come out. Use the seashell to collect the green liquid. Go to the right.

The rescue!

In this cave, to the left is a pink colored rock. Use the hammer just above that. It will open a hole and inside that is a bag. In the back get a tee shirt.
Click on the tee shirt in your inventory and use the green liquid to write SOS on the tee shirt. This is where it has a glitch and locks up sometimes.
I had to reload several times.
Once the tee shirt is back into your inventory, click and hold it. Place it into the water and it will float out the cave and a rescue party will come and get you.

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