Asparagus Room Escape Walkthrough

These are so easy to find things, click on the wall/floor line to look behind things and about the middle to look under.

Door view see book...nothing to do yet.

Sofa - asparagus 1 and RED key underneath.

Chest and bookshelf - DOLL and left side of bookshelf is a BLUE key attached.

Drawers and chest and asparagus 2. Place DOLL on black spot and get SNIPPERS. Check left side of chest for asparagus 3. Right side of drawers to get ERASER
Now go back to bookshelf and using snippers get BLUE key. Open drawers for asparagus 4, screwdriver and magnifying glass.

Look at book with magnifying glass and see diagram for the small box and use the eraser on the arrow to get the colour code.

Go to small box near doll and make a picture like the diagram. Get YELLOW key. Use on drawers and get CD and asparagus 5.

Use screwdriver on panel by door and press button to lower TV. Put in CD and look at images..see comment 48 to solve this.

Source: Escape Games 24

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