Diamon Jones Amulet of the World Walkthrough

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General Tips & Information
To access the main menu, hit escape. Here you can save and load games. There is no auto-save feature, so it is recommended that you save your game often. There are 10 save game slots.

On the upper left of the game screen is the inventory. To use an item, select it with the mouse. You can show/hide the inventory by using a right-click or the "I" key.

Your cursor will change when interactions are possible except when you are holding an item. If you get stuck, search carefully for hot spots, and then try to use items.here.
Cairo, Part One
Talk to Ahmed El Kashim at the bar to discover that he gives away nothing on credit.

Walk left to the dining room and talk to John Milton. He nearly reveals information about a precious artifact falling into the wrong hands, but insists on good wine for his tale. To get the wine, you will need to distract the bartender.

Walk back to the bar and give Ahmed the penny; he will give you some rancid oil.

Take the oil from the bar and walk to the center of the floor.

Use the rancid oil on Diamon Jones to spill it on the floor.

After the cut-scene of Samuel Johnson slipping in the oil and calling Ahmed over, take the wine off the right shelf from behind the bar.

Walk left to the dining room and give the wine to John Milton. He tells you about his expedition and the deaths of all the members, and then promptly passes out cold.

Diamon Jones: Amulet of the World Walkthrough

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