Mosquito Challenge 3 Text And Video Walkthrough

2 on the overview screen - corner of bed and top right corner (above the number).
1 in the croc pic, in the mouth.
1 in TV, right of the center web.
1 in between 2 pillows
1 left top of pillow in telephone scene
1 in drawer of the computer
1 in the light shade of the stand lamp.
1 at the left arm-chair, on the arm-rest.
1 at the left bottom corner of the TV cabinet. here.
corner of bed near the floor
upper right corner of scene, to the right of top of number
between top of pillows, zoomed in
zoom in on phone, very top of pillow at left
zoom in on picture, in open mouth of alligator facing to right of picture
zoom in on left chair, on the arm rest
zoom in on tall lamp, in the upper portion of the light cast
zoom in on television, at the edge of web in the second open area from the top
zoom in on left bottom of television cabinet, on the gray base moulding toward back of picture
in drawer of table

Mosquito Challenge 3

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