Symbols Room Escape Walkthrough

First screen
1. Click top right corner pound sign to zoom in
2. Click pound sign again so it changes color and opens, take game with pound signs
3. Take all right side pound signs off game (click and they will be in inventory)
4. back out once
5. Click bottom farthest box on floor to the right to zoom in
6. Click box again to move it.
7. Click symbols on box so that they are ALL hammers. (Hint, click edges of box to turn it, make sure you get top and bottom also.)
8. Set box right again and click top to open and get hammer.
9. In the same view, click top left and bottom 2 left boxes until a star appears. Take stars
10. Back out once
11. Click stack of boxes on the left.
12. Click center box until you get TWO stars.
13. Top box has one star
14. Top and bottom tiles on left hand side of boxes each have one star
15. Back out once and click on very bottom where you see symbols on floor
16. Drag and drop all your pound signs into the empty pound signs.
17. Door opens, take green and white pound sign
18. Back out, turn right.

Second wall
1. Click the boxes on the left to zoom in.
2. Drag the top box to the left side.
3. The biggest box, now on top right can be turned around. Make all the symbols match to look like eyes in a magnifying glass. Do it as you did the hammer one.
4. Open top and take magnifying glass
5. Back out once.
6. Click the wall to the right of the boxes.
7. Make a pyramid with bunny sitting facing left symbols. 5 on bottom, two on next level (one on either side of grave tile) and one above grave tile.
8. Take arrows from open tile.
9. Back out.
10. Click floor tile in very right corner to open up star flag. Put stars in, there will be more.
11. Back out. Go right once.
Third Wall
1. Click to zoom in on chart, put arrows on chart. Back out.
2. Click box in right hand corner.
3. Make all symbols on box the puma (big cat) and open to get lamp.
4. Place lamp on top of box.
5. Click plug next to box and plug in, click the three switches to turn on lamp. Zoom in to see symbol.
6. Back out to original third wall view.
7. Turn right once.

Fourth wall
1. click tiles in very upper left hand corner
2. On second tile from the left, click over and over until you get three stars.
3.Back out
4. Click right center boxes on floor to zoom in.
5. Click middle right side box until it opens and you get a house.
6. Click the door on the house and take the coins.
7. Back out and click the very top of boxes on floor to get piggy bank.
8. Break piggy bank with hammer and take coins.
9. Back out and click on center boxes again, then on scale just to the left of boxes on floor.
10. Put coins on both sides of scale until they are all gone.
11. Take green and white symbol from open tile.
12. Back out twice.
13. Turn right once.

First Wall revisited
1. Click coin chart.
2. Click on coins to make them stack in the opposite direction. Count them. There should be from left to right, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 (Press grey button at top right to reset)
3. Take green and white symbol
4. Back out and go right twice.

Third wall revisited
1. Click grey box on floor in left corner.
2. Drag magnifying glass over tile.
3. Take last star.
4. Back out and turn left once.

Second wall revisited
1. Click blue tile in right hand corner on floor. Add remaining stars.
2. Take green and white symbol
3. Back out and turn right once.

Third wall a last time
1. Click graph to zoom in.
2. Add green and white symbols in round spaces around graph.

And you are out!!!

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