Toybox Walkthrough

1. Click this blinking something on the left. This is flashlight.
2. At the end of the chain there is a padlock.
3. Cipher to padlock is Pi number, that is 3 1 4 1 5.
4. There is a knife in the head uder the ceiling on the left side. Take it. Take compass too. It's in center of the room.
5. Go through to left door.
6. After the scene take the lighter. It's in front of the piano.
7. Go through the door on the right.
8. Go up by clicking the ladder.
9. Take the robe and clock hand from door.
10. Go down, turn arround and go through the door.
11. Go through the door on the right side.
12. Take the compass from inventory and click it. Try to remember pointed directions.
13. Light the candles according to guidelines from compass.
14. Take the clock hands and the little figure.
15. Go out from the room by clicking the arrow.
16. Take the robe from inventory and take dictaphone from the pocket.
17. Take the dictaphone and click Play (triangle button).
18. After listening to the recording click the piano's keyboard.
19. Click the keys according to melody.
20. Go through openned doorway.
21. Take the clock hands attached to the bed.
22. Take the knife from inventory.
23. Click on the attached to knife arrow.
24. Gash the picture.
25. Arrange mark from collected parts.
26. Click on the secret gate.
27. Click the cabinet to see the hint.
28. Turn arround and after the scene go through the black door to the ladder.
29. Turn arround to see door.
30. Click the brick marked on the drawing on cabinet.
31. Take covered paper.
32. Go back to the room behind the picture.
33. Take the shotgun from openned cabinet.
34. Click the inner wall of cabinet to see hint.
35. Using the hint read from paper the cipher to the locker
36. Click the locker, input cipher and click door handle.
37. Take the key from woman's lips.
38. Unlock wooden door.
39. Take from the floor red shotgun shell laying near a barrel on the right.
40. Take a shotgun, open it and load the shell to the first chamber.
41. In the room over the ladder, opposite to door appeared a hint.
42. To use it you need to put it together with the card from piano.
43. Come back to the room with barrels. Wrote the password to the computer. Password is "18ruhofcoeenrfs".
44. Take the figure found behind the picture and click the head.
45. Plug in the pendrive to the computer (slot in front on the left side).
46. On the screen click red symbols of the doors.
47. Input frequency wrote on the key. 217.
48. Go by the ladder to new room.
49. Click the gray door on the left.
50. Watch the ending and think how to unlock secret ending.

Toybox video Walkthrough

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