Wogger Inside Level 4 Walkthrough

-click lever close on top of Wogger
-click ladder and push it to the leaf-elevator
-click bottom inside elevator and let woggi in
-click fallen handle(close to top on Wogger)and place it on the left hole in the elevator
-click ladder
-press handle(lever)
-click top of hill close to woggi
-point your cursor to the right-so the screen moves to the right too
-click hot spot at the left close to the handlehole in the elevator
-click fast on top corner of the elevator
-click wire (hot spot on top of Wogger)
-follow with your cursor Woggers feet to support him...
-click green vine(close left to Wogger)
-click vine again(bottom of Wogger)and push him with your cursor to the left side
-click leave and move your cursor on it( a hole appears)
click hot spot left to hole(both are resting now)
-it's getting dark-click Woggers head(tippiti appears in a shell...:)
-it's day again...click the hot spot on the right of the hole
-click the edge of the tree log a few times (which is in the water in front of Wogger)till both go to the other side
-click middle log and put it(between the 2 big leafes)down the stone
-click hot spot on top of the log and let them down...
-clickleft edge of the log(it will fall down)
-click hot spot at the bottom close to that yellow thingy
-move your cursor to the leave
-click twice the yellow thing and push it over to the box...place it in the first row where the other thingys are...:)
-press button in box(middle bottom)
-move cursor on leaf and click on it
-click at the back of the dragon fly
end of level#4

Source: Escape Games 24

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