Alrak Escape Walkthrough

first view
zoom in on the plant (click on the window, than plant)
take yellow key

zoom out and turn left
zoom in on coffeemachine (click on the wall) and take green bottle
zoom out and turn left twice
zoom in at right site of left chair an take hamer(little bit pixelhunting here)

zoom out and use yellow key on left door
click on the left site of tube to look IN the tube
use hammer on top yellow ring and get red key

go out the bathroom and use red key on right door.
use bottle on middle door of wardrobe and get a 4 digit code.
get out of the bedroom
turn once right and click on left browndoor of closet for codepanel
insert the code and get red key.
use redkey on frontdoor and you're OUT
Alrak Escape Video Walkthrough

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