Car Escape Walkthrough

This is mainly for finding things.

Click centre of left sun visor to zoom and get CD.
Right and get SPONGE.
Front view and click the very bottom left corner of the screen to get side view of seat. Press right small circle of bit circle to move seat and get SCREWDRIVER.
Front view click the very bottom right corner of screen to view side of seat and click lever to get RED DISC.
Front view click centre of right sun visor to zoom and using screwdiver get GOLD KEY.

Back seat click the white strip of the middle back seat and open up. Use key and get BLUE KEY & SCREWDRIVER BLADE.

Front view click ignition (right side of steering wheel - black bit) and put in blue key. Wave mouse outside of the grey area to see white arrow and turn key to ACC. You can now put the CD in and see code. Also examine CD for code on the back.
Examine screwdriver and swap the blades. Use new screwdriver on left speaker (round bit) of door view and get NEW BLUE KEY. Use this key on the glove box on right and get WASH and NAIL CLIPPERS. Examine nail clippers and slide out blue blade. Use this on the speaker of the right side door and get FUSE.

Front view - click little square bottom left of steering wheel and open the fuse box with the clippers. Put in fuse. You can now turn the ignition to ON. (wave mouse outside area and see arrow)

You can now zoom to the side doors and on the outside mirrors. Use red disc on the right side mirror for code and then zoom on left side mirror for more code. Examine sponge and select wash to get a blob of stuff and use on rear view mirror for another code. Open suitcase.

Suitcase has blue paper and phone. Examine blue paper and select the wash for a new code. Front view put phone on the panel with the big button right of the steering wheel and get code for slot machine. Get OPEN BUTTON. Front view and zoom on sun roof above rear view mirror and put in button.

Now go to ignition and wave mouse down a bit to turn to START. Open sunroof and escape
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