Creepy Room Escape Walkthrough

Open wardrobe get IRON ROD & TAPE
Get SOLUTION inside left window
Break right window with rod get 4 KEYS
Key cupboard
Key 1 in 2nd left from top get ROPE
Key 2 in left buttom get BULB
Key 3 in 3rd right from top get PULLEY
Put bulb up to door
Click on ourlet until u repair then use tape
Put light on
Use candle to burn each side of rope on floor get ROPE
Shape cupboard
Put all same shape
Red exagone opens buttom left get ROD
Blue circle opens 3rd left from top get ROD

Blue star opens top left get BOOK
Pink losange opens 2nd right from top get ROD
White triangle opens right buttom get ROD
Combine 2 ropes
look up the ceiling
Use pulley and rope
Open floordoor with last key
use rope on chest
Use rods one by one on left extremity of rope
Click chest on each side then middle get WAND
Use solution on book
Go to door
Use wand on man

Source: Escape Games 24

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