Crime Evidence 3 Walkthrough

Crime Evidence 3 Text Walkthrough
Enter down chimney.
Click between drawer with mirror and the 4 drawers to find a key. This is added to your inventory.
Click under the 4 drawers (with the code) to get a piece of paper.
Click back to room and click on the furthest door to the left enter bedroom.
Click on top drawer of bedside table for screwdriver.
Click left for the bathroom. Use the paper with the bath.
Exit room to main hallway.
Click on the left door of the dresser in between the two doors on the left.
Used key to open box.
You receive a multipurpose tool.
Use this to enter the front door on the left. This is the office.
Click for a zoomed in view of the computer. Click on speaker to receive magnet.
Exit office and enter kitchen. Door straight ahead.
Click on the third door from the left to view the acid with key. Use the magnet with the key and keep clicking to raise it out. The key is now in your inventory.
Use the red key on the top drawer with the mirror on it. You obtain a sheet of metal.
Go back to the kitchen and use the metal with the acid to clean it.
Click on the metal once it is in your inventory and combine it with the paper to see a code. 7484296.
Go back into office/computer room. Click on switch at right hand side near the door. Make sure all the switches are off and use the screwdriver on them.
You will see 2 wires that are frayed. Click on them so they join up. The click the switch cover back into place and make sure all switches are facing upwards.
Then click on the plug socket near the computer on the right hand side. Plug the computer in and make sure all the switches are facing up here as well.
Zoom into the computer and click the power button on the bottom right of the screen it should come on.
Click on the undo folder and a password will be asked for. Enter the numbers on the metal. 7484296.
Click on the photos that come up there should be one with the code on. 6067 on this game.
Enter this into the 4 drawers with the combination on next to the mirror.
The drawer will open and there will be a key. Take the key.
Exit back to the main room and there will be a door behind you (click left) zoom into this doo and use the key to escape.
Crime Evidence 3 Video Walkthrough

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