ESC (hard escape game) Walkthrough

Move stool under note and take it.
Take blue key on the left
Enter first door on left

First door on left:
Open hot water tap and wait for the steam to come out. Close tap.
An arrow appears on mirror. Click on the wall were the arrow points (where the bricks appear somehow blurred). Take note and get out.
An arrow appears on mirror. Click on the wall were the arrow points (where the bricks appear somehow blurred). Take note and get out.
Opening first door on right:
You need both notes: The ‘A’ note and the ‘=’ note.
Translate the equations from the back of the ‘A’ note with the symbols of the ‘=’ note: x+w=d+c and x-w+y+z = d-c+a+b. The letters correspond to the problems on the front of the ‘A’ note.
So, you have to resolve the problems of the ‘A’ note and use the results in the equations. Enter the result of the equations in the door numpad
The A problem: Note the numbers and the signs in each row. Put the sign between both numbers so that the inequality holds:
So the answer is a=9
The B problem: the number in the right is the number of different digits on each large number. Count the number of different digits in the last one to get b=5
The C problem: Each row is the sum of the digits of the row beneath. So c=4
The D problem: The number series is formed iteratively subtracting 2 and dividing by 2. D=3

First door on right:
Use blue key on drawer. Take torch. Note symbols.
Take drawing from the floor.
Somehow a new item appears on the inventory, a kind of square with symbols on it (remember the symbols on the drawer?).
You can’t do anything more for now. Get out.
Opening the second door on left:
Look at drawing from the bedroom. Take (from the inventory) square with symbols and super-impose it. Remember where each symbol lies on the picture.
Each symbol is a color:
sun = yellow
roof = red
sky = blue
ground = green
Now remember the symbols on the drawer in the bedroom. Insert the colors in the order they appear in the drawer into the pad on the door.

Second door left
take knife. Clock on plant and take green key.
Zoom in fridge?. Take card on fridge and tile from the floor. Note the writing on the fridge (RTBL). Zoom out.
Click on green box.
Use the writing on the fridge to push buttons: Rigth Top Bottom Left. (just don’t use the uppermost buttons, top is the middle one and bottom the one underneath) Take card

First door right (second time):

Use green key on drawer. Take card. Solve the puzzle (a chess knight). Add the tile from the kitchen in the last gap. Note the code (3G).
Use knife on wall painting. Take card.

Entering second door right:
Where did you see a chess-related thingie before? The knight puzzle in bedroom. Remember code 3G?
Select all the cells that a knight would attack from cell 3g (NOT cell 3G itself)

Second door right:
Use torch to locate light switch. Push it.
Use knife on wall painting. Take paper. (I still don’t know what it is for)

Opening exit door (front):
You need 4 poker cards. Zoom any of them and turn it so you can see its back. Note the position of the figures.
Each card is a different number and a different figure. You have to enter the numbers in the order shown in the back of the cards:
top left: spades:2
top right: hearts:5
bottom left: diamonds:9
bottom right: clubs: 3
You have to enter the numbers in the pad as the figures of the cards (ie five is four corners and middle). Press large bottom button after each combination

for this walkthrough thanks escapegames1

ESC (hard escape game) Walkthrough

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