Escape the Doctor Walkthrough

1. Get the puzzle book from the bench (the gray square).
2. Turn right. Click on the nurse. Get her pin - it’s the blue thing holding her blouse together. Go back.
3. (The nurse leaves in a huff, understandable really.) Click the teal-colored thick book near the middle of the shelf - it’s the only teal book that you can move. Click the top of the book (white part) to get the first half of the keycard.
4. Turn right. Get the block from the plant - it’s on the very tip of the top left branch, between the two flowers.
5. Zoom in under the couch (click the bottom edge of the middle cushion). Get the nearer block, but you can’t reach the other one yet. Go back.
6. Turn right. Get the umbrella. Click just to the right of the trashcan, where the floor and wall meet. Get the slip of paper with the code.
7. Go back to the couch and use the umbrella to reach the other block.
8. Put the code into the toy cash register. The numbers are scrambled; if you pretend it’s numbered phone-style (1 in top left corner), then the buttons to press are 73561. Press the green button and get the pliers.
9. Use the pliers on the pin you stole from the nurse. Use the pin to open the file cabinet (left of the nurse’s desk). Get the block from the middle drawer and the small key from the bottom drawer.
10. Use the small key to open the faintly-visible door on the front of the nurse’s desk. Get the block.
11. Open the puzzle book and drag the blocks in place to complete the missing word. (It’s RICECAKE.) Write down the highlighted letters in the order they appear, left to right, top to bottom. (OICEALT)
12. Turn to the eye chart and press the letters that were highlighted in the puzzle. Get the other half of the keycard.
13. Turn back to the filing cabinet. (The files on top should have fallen down.) Get the window scraper. (It’s not actually visible; just click around the middle of the open edge of the remaining folder.)
14. Turn to the window and zoom in on the top right corner. Use the scraper to get a piece of tape.
15. Use the tape to attach the two halves of the keycard, then use the card to unlock the door and get the heck outta there.

Escape the Doctor Video Walkthrough

Escape the Doctor Walkthrough

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