Escape From The Belly Walkthrough

Escape From The Belly Text Walkthrough
click the down arrow than push her belly it will tell you what she wants

go to the kitchen & click the bowl

click all of the cabnets one bu one but if theres sumin in one than click iot it will go in the bowl
than click the fridge and click the mick than eggs than that chocolate bar thing
than click the botton arrow and click her stomach and than go back to the kitchen and click the stove and click the bowl and it will go in the stove than click the cake go back to the person that preganet and click the cake and go to the kitchen than go back to the parson and slick her stomach and go back to the kitchen and click the right arrow 3 times and click the phone and dial 911 and pish dial and ur done
Escape From The Belly Video Walkthrough

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