Escape from the Dome Room Walkthrough


1- go downstairs and when you see the red door, go back. on stairs pick up screwdriver.

2- go up and notice N=X note on the floor.

3- go up again and open the white door with screwdriver
4- notice the two numbers and multiply them.

29x98= 2842 (red door code).

5- facing the white door turn left and there you put the code.

6- go down and open red door. go foward and turn the handle at the end of the corridor on the left. go upstairs to the roof.

7- go right and get glass from the table. following the pattern from the picture in the corridor click the buttons on the wine red cupboard in this order. W S N E. first you have to click all of them to find out wich one is wich.

8- once the computer says GOOD! you can open it. get bottle of wine and key.

9- use key to open the piano and get the thing to open the bottle. open it and select the glass and fill it with wine.

10- go to the scales and select the glass of wine. it asks you if you want to drink it,select yes. fill it again and drink until the bottle is empty.

11- when the bottle is empty put the screwdriver in it. weight it and you'll get a card.

12- open the glass box introducing 3528 and get the thing inside it. From the piano view go right and then down. Back in the corridor put the glass box thing in the hole on the left side. Turn it and go to the first white door.

13- use card on the left side of door and there you can put the musical notes that are depressed on the piano. AGEC. Open the door and you’re OUT!!!

Source: Escape Games 24

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