Escape from the Sunglasses Men Walkthrough

Escape from the Sunglasses Men Room walkthrough

(I am missing the location of one of the code clues, but with Shuchun's help, I still have the code)

Take fishing pole in the umbrella stand.

Click to the left of the umbrella stand and notice Mori 1

Take the hammer, above the window. Highlight and notice clue on handle, Hashi 2

Take the coin, under the sink.

Turn right.

Take the screwdriver in wastebasket.

Click on the left corner of carpet and notice the little blue hole.

Turn right.

Take lighter, from under the sofa. Hightlight and get a flame going.

Click the inner, right corner, of cushion, on couch, by arm, to get clue Fuku 6

Click lampshade and get Abe 7.

Click base of lamp, on right side.

Use screwdriver, to reveal ice.

Use lighter on ice, get card. Hightlight card and click to flip to get clue Old>New.

Turn right.

Click on box, take hair and pencil. Hightlight pencil and notice clue Mura 3.

Click on card and use pencil, notice clue 2009.5=Taro and a circled 8, at the bottom.

Click on right leaf, of flower, to get worm.

Click on the 5 area, on clock, and notice clue Aso 5

Hightlight fishing pole and add the worm, then the hair.

Turn right two times.

Click left corner of rug, use hammer to increase hole, highlight fishing pole and get fish.

Click right twice and give fish to guy in chair. He'll go sit in front of window.

Turn left and put chair between couch and table.

Highlight hammer and click wall, above chair, to find crack. Open crack with hammer to get key.

Turn left. You should now see an area to put in the code.

Now for the code. I have all the number locations listed, except for Ko 4. I have no idea where it is. Hopefully, someone can add that location.

The card says Old > New. The names, thanks to Shuchun, are of the Japanese Prime Ministers starting with the oldest to the newest. The code is 32814765.

After you put in the code, the sunglasses guy will block the door. Give him the coin, he'll go away, use the key and you're out.

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