Find the Numbers Challenge - 19 Walkthrough

1. purple number on chair to left
2. on table to left
3. on chair to right
4. under red table in left corner
5. on black balloon
6. string under bunch of blue balloons
7. on left wall next to diamonds
8. back of chair under purple balloons
9. string under blue and black striped balloon
10. just above purple butterfly on left wall
11. legs of chair to left of long table (second from wall)
12. on purple balloon
13. on wall above purple balloons
14. on yellow present on table
15. on end of long table
16. on wall next to 5
17. on wall in back, all the way to right (made from string and flowers)
18. on wall to right of purple butterfly on left wall (made of string and circles)
19. antenna of blue butterfly (left of purple butterfly on left wall)
20. stool on right (purple numbers)
21. red and blue striped balloon
22. wood beam on right of ceiling (hard to see)
23. center ceiling
24. shadow on floor by table with 4
25. left ceiling
1. red number on yellow book on bookcase
2. blue book on the left of the screen
3. left metal grid
4. on black and white ball
5. on doll (left of 4)
6. below bookcase all the way on the right
7. on doll next to bookcase (on wood block)
8. on tennis racket (against left wall)
9 on wood block (below 7)
10. feet of doll (next to 4)
11. front of bus
12. legs of chair (below 15)
13. wall below left metal grid
14. in plaid wallpaper (where it forms a T; hard to see)
15. yellow number on red chair
16. on helicopter
17. wood box on left of screen (between 4 & 5)
18. right metal grid
19. on side of truck
20. wall left of the left metal grid
21. bottom left shelf of bookcase (to right of 7)
22. left rear ceiling panel
23. top right shelf of bookcase
24. top right ceiling panel
25. wallpaper above 7

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