Find the Numbers Challenge - 20 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge - 20 Walkthrough level 1:
1- back cabnit (middle)
2-back cabnit {left side)
3-physics book
4-middle window
5-mouse cord (front right computer)
8-chain on back wall
9-libary book right shelf
10- physics book
11-left side back cabnit
12-bback computer
13-keyboard front left omputer
14-chair legs (aboe 6)
15-book left desk
17-back cabnit
18-libary book
19-back right computer screen
21-side of front desk
22-front of computer
23-whiteboard after word roll
24-computer screen on right
25-back of chair
Find the Numbers Challenge - 20 Walkthrough level 2:
1-on poster (faint blue)
2-side poster
3-book on third shelf
4-arms of skeleton
5-folder second shelf
6-door of cupboard at back
7-on bench next to sink
8-skull next to spines
9-front cuboard
10-skull of skeleton
12-on top of skeleton case
13-on the baby
14-next to sink
15-folder top shelf
16-purple book
19-book third shelf
20-big poster
21-next to 12
22-small poster
23-front of cupboard
24-wall under shelves
25-between doors on side cupboard

Find the Numbers Challenge - 20 Walkthrough level 3:

1- next to tap
2-middle tap
3-right window
4-left window
5-computer screen
6-duct work
7-right window above 3
8-top draw handle
9- duct work
10-middle draw
11-frame work below black poster
12-next to green g on poster
13-periodic table
14-periodic table
15-periotic table
16-middle draw
17-shelves under periodic table
18-right draw
19-next to 16
20-black poster
21-net to yellow a
22-back of chair
23-blue vent
24-fire extingisher
25-table leg at back

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