Gameroom Walkthrough

Go around the room and collect all the chairs.(9 chairs)
-White bench solution:
Click the top right of bench and see lines.
Imagine you are looking at a clock with 4 8's.
The lines you see are the ones that need to be removed from the 8's.
If done correctly the code will be....7215
Enter that code into the number panel on the top left of white bench.
You can now remove all four boards on the back and unscramble them to get a number. (5)
-White chair solution:
Focus on the white chair and click on top to find a switch. Push the switch and rearrange the letters to spell CHAIR. Make sure the black square is in front of the word. Click the button on top again and it will reveal a key below the word.
Use the key on the door behind the rocker. Go in to see a solution to the spinning blue chair.
-Spinning blue chair solution:
This is how the chair should be turned in this direction as if you are sitting in it.
chair is automatically in starting position. (front facing you)
facing to the left
back facing you
facing to the right
back facing you
facing to the right
front facing you
facing to the left
front facing you
If done correctly click the bars and the seat will open.
Take screwdriver.
Use screwdriver on both sides of yellow chair and on the glass on the door.
-Green stool puzzle:
Open the green stool and you will see three pictures with letters.
Each picture represents a three letter word.
Enter that code and it will open revealing a switch.
This is the switch for the right side of yellow chair.
Face the white bench and place the green stool on the floor next to the other green stool.
The boards that you removed from yellow chair can be picked up. (PICK UP BOARDS ONE AT A TIME)
Place them on top of the green stools.
Place the folding chair on top of the boards so you can rech the chair.
The word please can be erased, and something else can be inputed. The answer is on the left side of the yellow chair.
Enter: I want to and push the button.
This lowers the chair. Take the screwdriver. Remove the eraser and an evil face will appear. Do NOT click on face.
Use screwdriver on left side of yellow chair and remove the glass case. You can also use screwdriver on left part of folding chair and tilt the back of it.
When facin the rocking chair, you can move it backwards and click underneath to reveal a 2.
If you look in the book you will find the answers to the door.
For the couple: They would sit on the bench and so their number would be 5. In the back of the book they have the words cheese, angels, ray underneath. (Blue)
For the baby: He would sit in highchair. The number on the highchair is the bunny's mouth (3). The words underneath his picture in book is carpet, october, sox.
For the old man w/ cane: He would sit in rocking chair.
(2). The words underneath his picture is panther, floyd, lady. (pink)
For the man: I couldn't figure where he would sit, but I guessed his number, which is (8). The words underneath his picture are submarine, page, cab.(yellow)
You can enter that into the door.
After you enter that code into door, the wall that has the numbers will change allowing you to insert three chairs. If you do you will get Normal end.
Ther is a better end if you can figur out the code that goes into the red box to the right of the yellow chair.
Good Luck!

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