I Hate Mosquitoes Walkthrough

Level 1 Walkthrough:

1. On top of hippo's eye closest to us

2. Inside hippo's eye closest to us

3. to the left of the hippo's ear that's furthest from us

4. On the middle hippo's nose

5. in the water, in the shadow of the hippo's ear that's closest to us

6. on the hair of the hippo's eye that's furthest from us

7. on top of the hippo's neck

8. in the crack of the hippo's skin (below and to the left of the hippo's ear that's closest to us)

9. on the bottom left corner of the screen, on the water

10. at the end of the hippo's nose
Level 2 Walkthrough:

11. on a lilly pad under the alligator's leg

12. on the lilly pad to the left of the previous lilly pad, in the corner where the stem meets the leaf

13. on top of the narrow part of the alligator's leg

14. on the land, on top of a really dark shadow that looks kind of like a dark rock, the one furthest to the left.

15. up and to the right, on a green patch of moss or flattened grass.

16. further to the right, to the right of another shadow-that-looks-like-a-rock towards the middle

17. to the right of mosquito #16, there are two dark line-shaped shadows. There's a mosquito in the top one

18. below the line-shaped shadows, there's what looks like a really thick stick, or maybe part of a tan colored gutter. On the right side tip of that thing is a mosquito.

19. To the right of the shadow-that-looks-like-a-rock furthest to the right.

20. between the alligator's eyes
Level 3 Walkthrough:

21. on the middle of the bottom of the screen

22. on the right main branch of the tree furthest to the left

23&24. move your mouse up the middle main branch of that same tree, and then look at the branch splitting off to the left of it. There are 2 mosquitoes on that branch

25. On the tree second furthest to the right, on the bottom left branch, an orange dot above and to the left of the bend in that branch

26. on a lower branch just barely to the right of the trunk of that same tree (describing the mosquito's location, not the branch's location)

27. an orange dot above mosquito #26

28. an orange dot above mosquito #27

29. in the bottom right of the rays of light

30. above the knothole in the tree furthest to the left

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