June Bride Walkthrough

View of podium/organ/statue. Left side of organ get CROWBAR and note code for A.
Right side of statue get MATCHES and note code.
Now wiggle cross start from right until you work out the sequence for it to fall off (give up? see comment 74 first page). Get KEY and turn over cross for a new code. Note right side of podium has a keypad and word AIR.

Lets get more stuff.....go right and get BLUE BALL from window. Look under pews and third from the left click the top of the front right leg to see key. Use crowbar to get KEY and NAIL. Get RED BALL from carpet.

Facing door get POSY from the flowers. Lift up carpet from top right to see trap door. Use nail from the pew to get YELLOW BALL. Get CANDLE from cupboard. Use key from cross to open lower cupboard and get SCREWDRIVER.

Examine picture and get ORANGE BALL. Note code I and diagram on door (needed later). Remove picture with screwdriver and see code on back. This is the sequence of numbers from the cross. Use to open safe and get GREEN BALL.

Right from door and look under pews..code for M.. and SHOES. Note you need to fill in the window with the balls, so one more to find.

Go to organ and using key from the pew get HANKERCHIEF and note code that you will use with the sequence from the picture (door).

Now the podium code (no one explained this clearly but something to do with the cross and various letters found) see comment 76 first page for solution.

Light candle with matches from statue and enter. Right and get sixpence from floor under table. Right to books and get PINK BALL from middle bookcase. Note the letters and the colour of the book for each letter. Go right and enter word using the colours of the rainbow for the sequence starting with RED/W...its fairly obvious as we are preparing for marriage. Get a special dress.

Exit and now place sixpence in the shoe...this is for the best end. Now place the balls in the window using the sequence from the organ and the order from the picture door diagram.

You guys don't explain stuff well when you figure it out sometimes. I mean honestly some of the explanations are just *terrible*. Like you'd think someone smart enough to figure out something clever would also be smart enough to make it understandable to others...but I digress...

ANYWAYS, for the six digit podium cross code you have to find the three letters in the word "AIR" that is written by the keypad. One is on the left side of the organ (A), one is on the plank after you use the nail from behind the third pew to open the secret place under the carpet (R) and one is on the painting (I). There is also an "M" on another bench which I think is a red herring. You only need "AIR".

A is n n (two curves that point up, or north)
I is [ ] (two curves that point left and right, or west and east)
R is u [ (two curves that point down and then left, or south and west)
So putting that together you get NNWESW, then using the cross as a reference where N = the top where there are 3 stars you get 335265.

June Bride Walkthrough

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