Karoshi Suicide 2 Walkthrough

1: Jump on the spikes
2: Again, spikes
3: Hit all the buttons EXCEPT the one on the platform over the spikes, hit that one last.
4: Jump over the tele and run into it from the right side and land on the platform, then hit the spikes.
5: Jump on the spring, then into the spikes when they float past.
6: Run to the right
7: Dont hit the button, jump up the platforms, over the wall, and run right into the tele
8: Jump as far as possible, and make sure not to fall down any gaps, you only have 4 jumps
9: Run into the 'exit' door, then jump up the platforms, and make sure to miss atlast 1 button.
10: Walk to the far right wall, wait 2 seconds, then jump.
11: Jump on the L, over the O, then jump into the side of the O and land on the spikes.
12: Jump on the walls, and dont fall down.
13: You'll get there...
14: Walk to the left wall and jump 3 or 4 times
15: Jump off the springs, into the waste (You only get one chance per spring)
16: Hit the buttons, get the gem, die
17: Get super, hit the buttons, get gem, die
18: Jump to the left, and into the spikes
19: Hit the blue crystal on the right, get the gem, die
20: Get super, go through the tele, hit the blue crystal, get the gem, die

For the does your head hurt? hit his head using the first spring and the wall will break

For the Blue monster it says the answer is outside the box. So jump as high as you can to the left wall, a piece is missing.

For the K press K

For the 3 hats and Lock press CAPSLOCK

For the room where you cant get high enough and than go right press reset a spring will appear

For the white box press ESC multiple times.

lvl 1: jump on spikes
lvl 2: Jump on spikes
lvl 3: Hit the button above spikes last
lvl 4: Teleport on platform and die
lvl 5: Just time it
lvl 6: Walk to the right
lvl 7: You can't walk left; Skip the switch u see and walk through tele.
lvl 8: You can only jump 4 times; You need to pass the tallest barrier by ur 3rd jump
lvl 9: Hit switches, Go through the door
lvl 10: Jump under the spikes
lvl 11: You can walk through the O in lol on he right side; just jump against the wall
lvl 12: each jump gets shorter; u need to jump from the big square to the 3rd barrier on ur 3rd jump
lvl 13: Keep walking, you'll make it eventually
--Fake ending 2-- lvl 14: Each jump gets higher, keep jumping
lvl 15: Spring to the blue stuff...
lvl 16: get teh criptonite
lvl 17: Free 2nd Guy, get cyptonite, and die
lvl 18: Walk left to through the wall
lvl 19: Destroy the blue block on the right
lvl 20: Destroy the blue block before the second guy

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