The Life Ark Walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough for anybody still having trouble:
-click on stone tablet on ground and solve puzzle
-a socket will appear
-pull cord on cloud to make it move and pull again to stop it above the socket
-click on the socket and the cloud will plug in
-when cloud turns black, click on plug to remove it
-move cloud to above the rock on the volcano
-click the rock, and lightning with split the rock
-click on the door to the volcano
-keep selecting the center button until both symbols point to fire
-wait for the door to open, and then click the small fire created by the lightning
-the fire will enter the volcano and cause the teapot to start boiling
-position the cloud over the teapot, then click on the smoke rings to fill it with water
-when the cloud changes color, move it to above the small lake
-click the lake
-once the water has caused everything to grow on the island, click the trees near the second lake and an apple will fall
-click the cave opening and an alien comes out
-click the apple and the alien will eat it
-after the alien sprouts an antenna, click him and the UFO will come for him
-now click the cave again and a caveman comes out
-click at a place along the spring near the cave opening (watch for your cursor to change)
-the caveman will reroute some water to the small plant by the cave entrance, which will grow into a tall plant
-click the plant to climb to the top
-after the caveman takes the space debris, click on the fire in the volcano
-the caveman will throw the debris in the fire, and the smoke will turn the teapot into a ufo
-click the ufo symbol
-another teapot will appear and pour golden liquid on the hill
-click the mist where the golden liquid is falling
The Life Ark Walkthrough Solutions

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