Monk Walkthrough

Monk Text Walkthrough
- click trashcan, get paper with clue
- zoom out, notice hole in ground (you can zoom in), turn right
- click right side of bookshelves, get red cap, zoom out
- cat picture: according to clue on paper move the pic until it falls down
(to do so, pause 3 seconds between each click)
- see crack in the wall, turn right
- click computer, see clue
- get blank paper right side of computer, zoom out
- click window, get stick from bar in the middle
- still in window view: pick blank paper (click the white "button" below)
- wait for code to appear on paper (takes about 5 secs or longer)
- zoom out, click below sofa (right side), get screwdriver, turn right
- drag screwdriver to big panel to unscrew
- click blue box, use code from paper (6259), get flashlight, zoom out
- try to click thingy (shovel?) right beside dog pic, notice evil plant coming up, turn right
- use stick to get doll from shelf
- select doll, drag cap to doll (to get Super Mario)
- turn left, put Mario beside the plant, now you can get the "shovel"
- turn right 2 times, until you see the crack above cat picture
- drag "shovel" to crack, see what cute cat is doing, get pliers, turn left 2 times
- click green box with wires, drag pliers to cut the wires, get battery
- select flashlight, drag battery to flashlight, zoom out, turn right
- click hole in the ground, drag flashlight and see a red key
- tricky: you can not get the key from the hole, but you have to pick up the key that appeared below the game screen
- zoom out, drag key to door, click door and you`re out
Monk Video Walkthrough

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