Penguinz Cheat And Walkthrough

1. Use the pistol until you can afford the M16
2. Upgrade the M16 all the way on damage, but do not upgrade it on accuracy and do not waste your money on lazer sight
3. When you have enough money, buy the Gatling Gun. Eventually, upgrade the Gatling Gun to best accuracy and buy slug mode

Other Tips:

1. Buy health to 100% after every level
2. Buy ammo once you start getting below 200 shots
3. Do not buy the chainsaw or the rocket launcher; they are a waste of ammo and money
4. Once you have the Gatling Gun all the way upgraded, there is really no reason to buy any more weapons, like the Desert Eagle or the AK-47
5. Be sure to click the word "yes" when it asks if this hint was helpful
1) Upgrade the pistol to it's full damage and accuracy, as it does more damage than the Desert Eagle at full.
2) Get the AK47 if you want to, it is a nice inbetween step from the pistol to shotgun.
3)Then save up and get the shotgun as this is useful for killing many enemies at once in the undergorund ice cave levels.
4) Then save up to buy the gattling gun, add all of it's upgrades and use that till the end of the game, it's the best gun as it kills from long distances and it's very powerful

Chainsaw and Rocket launcher are useless!

Remember to keep your ammmo high and don't buy healh unless you are 50% or below as you will pick it up after you kill enemies.

To kill the boss's, just keep jumping over them and don't let them touch you. It's the same for all the bosses, except the penguin, he seems to get stuck and continuously fires at you. Stay a safe distance away from him [so you can only just see him in your screen] and keep firing till he dies

Penguinz part 1

Penguinz part 2

Penguinz part 3


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