Proof 2 Walkthrough


-In bedroom click left low border to change room.

-Pick black stick(Something i don't know about it.) on coffee table. Then getout of home.

-Collect mask at second box under the tree near street. And click TO CAR, to go to anather place.

-Go to the building at right lower of map, Baymed medical.

-Go in with Use mask(drag mask to use block at right upper border) and drag black stick to the side door of Baymed, then you will come in.

-Double click at left door to change room.

-In computer room you can collect wight coat at top of shelf.
-At computer type password(ACAR) and print it.

-Come back to the car and go to the building at left upper of map.

-Click at the door at the middle, you will come in and see a woman.

-Use the white coat and double click at the way next to the last door. You wiil at the computer room.

-Couple of key beside blue book at white shelf, and a note in green book on desk.

-Go to Baymed again, drag couple of key to right door at first room.

-Pick a gold key near morniter of computer, and come back to the car.

-Go to the building at right upper of map, and drag a gold key to get in.

-Pick credit card on book that on end table bed.

-Click at right border, click the open door, click the mirror, click the open door, pick the invitation card on the same table, and click the right border to get out, then come back to the car.

-Go to the building next to the Baymed, a house.

-Use mask, then click left border of roof of garage and click at window over the garage. You will go in house.

-Click right border, then you can see anather side of bed, pick car key at bed head table, click back, double click at the door, and click back.

-Drag car key to the car, car trunk will open, pick blue key in it.

-Complete the inventory.

-Go to police, and answer the question.

My answer
- Karaca low down business.
- My father know too much.
- Together in toltigen business.

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