Remake - Who am I? Walkthrough

1. go to the plant and get the screw driver
2. open the grill thing using the screw driver and get the magic rain.
3. use magic rain and pour on the umbrella. u get:3pm,1pm, 10pm,9pm
4. go to the clock drawer. enter 31109 (from the time code) and u get plier and a hint card and stick
5. use the plier on the 2nd drawer and get remote control.
6. use plier on stick to bent it.
go to the 4digit code and click below the code thing.
7. use plier to pull out the spring. u get some jap words with 4204
8. gather the double digit (45, 13, 26) and press it according to the remote. (hint from pic on wall -- LRLUUR) the picture will move up.
9. go to pic and u will see capital letter: DKWE
also u will get the crowbar and another hint card.
10. use crowbar on floor trap.
11. DKWE (diamond, knife, worm, Eye)and get matchbox and hint card
12. click the cover of the floor door and get magnet
13: count the no. of rectangle (or box) on the jap word on the matchbox. (5220)
14. key in 5220 on wall code and get see the bell thing
15. zoom to glass tube and use bent stick to get key.
16. use key on the umbrella drawer and get candle and hint card
17. place the magnet and candle according to pic to the bell thing and light matchstick. bell rang, glass door open.
18. go out of glass door and go to the last code on the wall and click bottom, u get another hint card.
19. Who am I? Answer: SHADOW!!

Source: Escape Games 24

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