Serial Killer Part 2 Walkthrough


1. Click the puzzle to the left-side of the screen. Click all of the arrows once so that all of them face to right/east. When the box opens, take the key!

2. Click the cube and the brick: 3,1. Then insert the key in the key-hole. Take the key which is inside the brick.

3. Click cupboard and insert the key you just achieved on the left closet. Take the knife!

4. Click on the puzzle on the left-side of the screen once more. Use knife on the third arrow from left! Achieve a key!

5. Click cube and then turn it to left by clicking the arrow facing WEST/LEFT. Then click on brick: 2,3. Take the key!

6. Click cube again and turn RIGHT. Click on brick: 1,2. Take the hammer!
7. Click on the floor right under the door, and you’ll reveal a key-hole on the floor. Use the hammer on the floor-brick left to the key-hole. After smashing the floor, take the key!

8. Click on cube and turn the other way by click the UP arrow. Click on brick: 2,1. Achieve a saw!

9. Use the saw on the edge of the cupboard, right to the cube. And take the NEW key.

10. Click on cube and the brick: 3,3. Insert key and take another key! :P

11. Click on the spot under the door, and use the NEW key on it! Take the pin.

12. Click on cube and turn right. Click on brick: 1,3. And use pin as a key to open the brick. Take the LONG key!

13. Use the LONG key on the right closet of the cupboard. Take the puzzle brick.

14. Click on the puzzle, right to the door. Insert brick and click’em until all of them are facing UP. Take the key!

15. Click on cube and turn left. Click on brick: 3,1. Insert key and use the knife to cut of his head. Take the NEW key from his “inside”.

16. Click on cube and turn right. Use the key you just achieved on brick: 1,1. Take the magnet.

17. Click on cube and the middle brick (2,2). Put the magnet on it.

18. Click on cube and turn the other way by clicking the UP arrow. Click the middle brick (2,2) and use pin on it. Click the pin 13 times till it has been turned 360* ( around ). Take the pen!

19. Click the door and use the pen on the locker!

20. You’re OUT! Say “HURRAY”!

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