The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3 Text Walkthrough
after the slug bit go right with lewis and pick up the mushroom. then put it on the spikey log from before to make a cradle. now take reemus and go all the way right and make him stand on the steam thing to shut it off. get lewis to pick up a bee and tie it on the log at the start. you need to do this three more times, so you have 4 on the log. then click on the mushroom to untie the beetle. you will then fly to a cave, and reemus follows. find some clickable rocks to get some stoppers. there is four rocks to click. when youve found them (theres one behind where reemus appears) click on the holes to zoom in. the order goes (from top to bottom, left to right) owl, snake, rabbit, mouse and frog (any order) and grass and carrot (also no order). in the cave, still with lewis, open the cupboard and get the gelatin. throw it into the pool to turn it into jelly (yum!). go to the steps and click on the spike with lewis to bounce up there. follow the spikes round to land on a ledge. go to reemus and click on the leftmost green mushroom, them click on the monster to make it go back to sleep. click on the vine to lower it for reemus. swith to him and go below the monster to get to the vine. after that go to lewis and go right. click on the lighter part of the tree to grt paper, then go back to the first screen and click on the pink goo. nearly a seal. swich to reemus and go right twice. talk to the guard and he says he will give you a ride if you outwit him. click on him again and then click on scissors. you are supposed to lose for the keys. unlock the box on the screen to the left to find a medallion. switch to lewis and go right for the medallion and click it. theres your royal seal. go give it to the guard and theres a cutscene, then congrats!!! (for now). ive tried the reemus part but i am stuck, or it is currently undoable.
The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 3 Video Walkthrough

1. When the bug stops in front of the broken tree, click it to let the bug walk on it.

2. Click the spider web to change the body from a bug to a spider. When you're a spider, click the bird to get eaten by it!

3. Once you're a bird, click the bush at the edge of the hill. You will reveal a snake and get eaten by it.

4. When you're the snake, click the animal in the hole to get to the next scene!

Scene 2:
1. Click on the golden colored thing with the flies flying around it to move it!

2. When the frog jumps out of the lake, onto the stone. Click him to eat him and change into a frog!

3. Click on the rock on the middle of the screen. On the right-side for the first purple tree, to let the frog jump on it. Click on the next stick to jump on it and then the third one. Once you're near the fruit, click it to let it fall down!

4. Jump in the lake again and click the fish to eat it.

5. Once you're a fish, click the thread at the edge of the fish stick to proceed!

Scene 3:

1. Choose The Blue Guy!

2. Go to area 2 by clicking the right-arrow and carry the yellow mushroom back to the 1st area. Place it on the tree with torns on it.

3. Go to the 3rd area and change character to the Bold Guy. Walk the Bold Guy to the 3rd area.

4. Command the Bold Guy to stand on the steaming plant.

5. Swap Character. Click the one of the bees to carry it. Go back to Area 1 and attach it to the purple torned log. Repeat this 3 more times!

6. Once there are 4 bees attached to the purple torned log, let The Blue Guy sit on the Golden Mushroom.

7. Watch The Blue Guy as he saves the politician!

Scene 4:

1. Click on all of the 4 Rocks on the ground to get all the pegs for the puzzle, and note that all of the rocks which contains pegs are similar to each other!

2. Once collected all of the pegs, click the puzzle to enlarge it!

3. Think of the Food Chain.


Top: Owl
Middle: Snake - Rabbit
Bottom-Left: Frog - Rat
Bottom-Right: Carrot - Grass

Owl Eats Snake & Rabbit. Snake Eats Frog & Rat. Rabbit Eats Carrots & Grass!

Scene 5:
1. You're still The Blue Guy! Open the box near the lake and get some strawberry gelatin. Throw the gelatin in the lake to make a spring.

2. Click on the second stalactite from left to make The Blue Guy jump on it. Click the one right to it to make The Blue Guy change his position all the time.

3. Once the beast awakes, choose The Bold Guy and get the first Green Mushroom. Feed it to the Beast!

4. Let The Blue Guy continue his climbing! Once he reaches the exit, make him throw a rope down to The Bold Guy by click on the green thing!

5. Swap Characters and make The Bold Guy climb up to The Blue Guy!
Scene 6:
1. Choose The Blue Guy and go to Area 2. Get the piece of the paper-like thing on the tree and go back to Area 1.

2. Use the Parchment on the Pink Liquid.

3. Choose The Bold Guy and goto Area 3. Talk with the Guard and play Rock-Scissor-Paper with him. Once you lose twice, take the keys on the ground and get back to Area 2!

4. Use the key on the only box on Area 2.

5. Choose The Blue Guy, and make him use his Parchment on the uniform to get a Royal Mark on the Parchment.

6. Go to the Guard and you're finished!
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