Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough

Mission 1: Wait for a guy to come in from the right-hand side and take out binoculars. Shoot this guy.

Mission 2: Keep your scope on the guy who is sitting by himself in the upper-left corner of the screen. Eventually another guy will come and sit down with him. Shoot this guy in the leg.

Mission 3: Scroll down to the window with four guys sitting at a table. When no one else is near them, shoot the chandelier that's above them.
Mission 4: First off, keep in mind that the "thief" is not a human. So, ignore the guy that comes in with the sack. Shoot the wolf that runs in from the right-hand side.

Mission 5: Shoot the guy that's playing cards by himself. He's right in the middle of your screen.

Mission 6: To make him talk, just use a combination of the lamp swing and gut kick. Make sure his fear is higher than his guts, then press space.

Mission 7: You have to do this in a specific order. First, shoot the guy that's in the window on the right-hand side of the building. Then move your scope to the guy that's on the left-hand side. Once the guy walking towards him turns around, shoot him, then shoot the guy that's walking. Next, shoot the big metal pipe thing, and wait for the guy to the right of that to turn away. Then you can shoot the guy to the left of the pipe. Next, shoot the two wires holding down the TV antenna. Finally, shoot the guy that's panicking.

Mission 8: For this, you just shoot from left to right. The first four are all across the top of the building. Two of the guys are kind of hard to find. These are the one down in the bushes on the left, and the "invisible" one in the square-shaped window, to the left of the stairs.

Mission 9: The guy that you want to shoot is the one standing outside the door. So, ignore the guy that comes in with the knife. Wait the guy outside goes inside. Once he's about to attack the witness, shoot him.

Mission 10: Keep using the heavy swing. Once the time gets down to 1 minute left, start using the light swing.

Mission 11: Keep your scope on the wrecked car. Shoot the guy that comes out next to the car and starts pounding the ground.

Mission 12: Once you drop the guy, stop the rope between 70-60 ft.

Mission 13: You have to be really fast. The guys aren't hiding, so just shoot from left to right as fast as you can. Once you get to the right, move down and shoot from right to left.

Mission 14: This level is evil. All I can say is to aim for one guy at a time, and just keep a steady hand, because the targets are really hard to hit. I'd recommend to shoot when your target's boat is moving towards or away from you. That way, you don't have to worry so much about lateral motion.

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