Snow White Walkthrough

I've made a walkthrough for all of those who get stuck but don't what to addmit it (like I did) because the game is really easy :)
1. take the cloth and clean a mirror from potato juice
2. now the cloth is red so give it to the prince in gas mask (lol) – he will give you this mask
3. go right, give the mask to the litlle blue man – take UFO and masked man
4. go back left and put the UFO on the fields – yeay! The left you a Frisbee
5. put the blue man to others and they’ll carry the snow-white away
6. go right and entertained the dog with the Frisbee. Click on the snow-white and now you’re in the house
7. go all the way back (left) and take silver cape from the floor. Put it on a chicken and here we have a magic one! Take it with the cap.
8. click on the mirror and take the poster from behind
9. now back in the house (right) click the window and take paints from the artist-elephant
10. put the chicken in the lower nest and paint all three in order that’s shown on the poster.
- look and the ghost eyes – should be first one blue and in the left nest, second green in right one and the last one red on left.
And we got a gem! The author calls it small chicken o_O Whatever it is – take it!
11. now back in the castle (left) put the gem in a ‘hungry’ chest which gives back eaten apple – put in on a plate and cover with magic cup. Now we have beautiful apple. Give it to the queen.
12. enjoy the miracle that when you eat an apple you became slimmer

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