Three Color Fantasia Walkthrough

1. Couch Screen: Click just left of couch, at about cushion height, to look at side of couch. Take envelope next to couch. Open envelope in inventory.

2. Window Screen: Click on Blue Drawer. Take paper from drawer.

3. Window Screen: Click three times on right curtain near top. Blue paper falls to the floor. Take paper from floor.

4. Clock Screen: Click on ash tray on desk to get key. Use key on bottom drawer of refrigerator to open refrigerator. Take blue paper taped high up on the inside of the drawer
5.Couch Screen: Click on sleeping dog to levitate him. Take red paper from couch cushion underneath the dog.
Find the four pieces of the blue paper.

The code is a fairly simple substitution - just find the letters corresponding to the numbers. The first three words are the code, the fourth (PASS) is the password, ECOH

Three Color Fantasia Video Walkthrough

Three Color Fantasia Walkthrough

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