Treasure Hunter Escape - 3 Walkthrough

I skipped the intro.
-Click on boat. Pick up compass, paper.
-Click the small grey arrow at the bottom of screen to return to previous screen...Henceforth, this step will be refered to as [RETURN].
-Click brown arrow pointing Right.
-Click black line near second hanging vine from left. It is a rope. Click to pick it up. [RETURN].
-LEFT arrow. Second tree from right. Click to select axe behind middle tree. [RETURN].
- Brown arrow.
-Right brown arrow.
-Leftmost pile of 5 stones. Click water bag. Small matchbox appears on it. Click matchbox to collect.[RETURN].
- Click matchbox in inventory. It opens. Select a match. strike it to side of box. It lights up and goes back to inventory.
-Brown arrow.
- Click roundish rock in centre(screen with 3 brown arrows).
-Click small grey arrow pointing to the top at top of screen.
-Click and drag rope from inventory over broken branch of tree. It will loopitself around.
-Click hollow of tree around the bottom part of tree.
It will reveal a grey-black design in the hollow.
-Use axe from inventory over it.
-Click twice to leave forest and enter new surroundings. Click Right Brown arrow.
-On bridge- Click UP arrow once, then DOWN arrow. Enter new surroundings.
- Pick up cloth - left of brown arrow pointing UP.
-Click bushes on left. Pick up moon shape.[RETURN].

-UP arrow.
-Click topmost bushes on left. Pick up star shape. RETURN].
-Click topmost rock on right. Pick up stick.[RETURN].
- Down Brown arrow.
- Right Brown arrow. Cave door. Pick up multipoint star from right.[RETURN].
-Brown arrow.
-Top brown arrow.
-Click stone in center of altar. Place star. Click on right bottom of stone to change figure. Place moon shape. Click right bottom. Place multipoint star. Pickup telescope revealed at top of stone.[RETURN].
-Brown arrow.
-Right brown arrow.
-In inventory, place cloth over stick. It will make a torch. Place lit match over torch. Torch gets lit.
-Click map in inventory. Click top-right of map in expanded view. Pick up telescope and view map(place on map). It will reveal a sequence of shapes-star,moon,circle,square,triangle. Click X at top right.
-Cave door. Starting on left side, click star, then circle. They will exchange positions. Repeat with other shapes till you match sequence revealed in map. Repeat for right side. Cave door opens.
thanks video walkthrough by prid

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