Riddle School 3 Walkthrough

Click the globe twice near Mr Soggy's table and get a chewing gum.
Pick up a ruler on the classroom table.
Combine the ruler with the chewing gum. Use the combination together with the airvent and you will get a rubber band.
Shoot the rubber band onto Mr Soggy's glasses. Get the glasses.You can leave now.
Pick up a penny you see on the floor outside Mr Soggy class.

Go to the library and give Mr Soggy's glasses to the librarian and you'll get a free bookmark.

Combine a bookmark together with the chewing gum on the ruler.

On left,Go to male toilet door and get a toilet paper. Put inside the toilet bowl and flush it with a flusher.

There's a penny outside female toilet.
Head to the supply closet and use the ruler and bookmark combination to reach a dime on top of the bookshelf.

Another penny near the staircase to your left.

Go up the stairs and move to your left.A penny seen on the floor again outside Mrs Flask room.

Click to the right twice and go to Janitor's closet. A quarter coin is found under the chair.

Walk back and talk to a person stuck inside the red locker.

Move to your right again and get a penny on the floor.Open your yellow locker and reach for another penny(nickel).

Go downstairs and talk to a person in teachers' lounge. "ask about Richy..."

After short conversation, get a penny(nickel) from second drawer. You should have fifty cents already.

Click left arrow twice and go to Miss Count's room.A button is hidden inside monkey dolls near Miss Count's table. Its obvious. Pick it up.

Go upstairs again and turn to your left.Open the door of Mrs Flask room. Use the button together with the small hole of button-making machine and you will get a "science rocks" button. Get it.

Leave outside and head to Mrs Oddverb's room which is on the right end.Pick up the small note on the blue table.
Password combination is blobbles 53788078. (for the red locker which someone is trapped inside.)

Give the button to Richy found inside Mrs Oddverb's room.You will get extra penny for it.

Go to lunch room downstairs and talk to Mrs Munch. She will give you a pudding.

Hand it over to Chubb.After that, head to the office door where Chubb was leaning at.

Talk to Mrs Mooses. "Sent to see Mr Potato.." and then "I'm awesome"
You will get to retrieve a key secretly from the counselor Mr Potato.

Finally, you can leave right out of school. Happy you go!

I took 34 minutes to complete this
Room 1: Mr. Soggy - Pick up the ruler off your desk. Turn the globe twice to find a piece of chewing gum that you can take. Drag the gum to the ruler or the ruler to the gum in your inventory. Click in the vent to see what's going on, then drag the now-gummy ruler to rescue the rubber band. Drag the rubber band to Mr. Soggy to shoot off his glasses. Don't forget to snatch his glasses from the floor and make your exit.

Hallway - You made it to the hallway! Nothing much you should do here yet, except pick up a penny by the rightmost yellow locker. Go down into the Library.

Room 2: Library - The library's a good place for some amusing literature. I suggest the pink book in the top left corner for some cool game hints. Mr. Read seems to be upset though. Talk to him to see what's up. Drag the glasses to him, and he'll give you a bookmark. Drag the bookmark unto your trusty gum-ruler and get outta there.

Hallway - If you didn't pick up the penny in this segment, do that now. Go to the left. Lo and behold, there's another penny between the girl's bathroom and a green locker. Go down into the supply closet.

Room 3: Supply Closet - With your gum-ruler-bookmark in hand, use it to grab that pesky dime on top of the shelf. Get out, and go across the hall to the men's restroom.

Room 4: Men's Bathroom - Let's have fun with vandalism! Open up the stall and steal the toilet paper, and drag it back to the toilet to stuff it down the pipe. Press the flusher and viola! You've distracted the janitor from his closet. Your job is done here. Head back into the hallway.

Hallway - Don't bother going into the teacher's lounge, you don't need it yet. Instead, go to the left. Grab the penny in front of the stairs and head up to the second floor. Make a right, ignore the kid in the locker for now, and steal into the janitor's closet.

Room 5: Janitor's Closet - Nothing too interesting here, just pick up the quarter from under the chair. You should have 38 cents now if you've been following me. Go back into the hallway.

Hallway - Okay, NOW you can help the kid in the locker. He tells you to go get Mrs. Oddverb to unlock her room. Psst. She's in the teacher's lounge. Head back downstairs and into tha lounge.

Room 6: Teacher's lounge - The correct way to get Richy out is "Ms. Oddverb, about Richy...? > He's stuck in his locker. > Yes." and you'll succesfully flush out both teachers from the lounge. Grab the nickel from the middle drawer and you're done here.

Hallway - Instead of going back up the stairs, go to the left past the stairs and enter Miss Count's room.

Room 7: Miss Count's room - Does this room creep you out? Me too. So we'll make this quick. Amidst the monkeys in front of her desk is a tiny keyboard key. Grab it and get outta here.

Hallway - As soon as you go back up the stairs make a left. Grab the penny off of the floor and enter Mrs. Flask's room.

Room 8: Mrs. Flask's room - Using the keyboard key you just found, drag it unto the button maker to make a button. Grab the button and leave. You'll need it later.

Hallway - Make your way all the way down to the right till you reach Mrs. Oddverb's room. The last penny is on the floor here. Also, you may notice one of the yellow lockers sticks out here. Open it up, there's a nickle on one of the shelves. You should have 50 cents now. Go into Mrs. Oddverb's room.

Room 9: Mrs. Oddverb's room - The combination to Richy's locker is sitting on top of the desk in the back corner. Pick it up and let's go.

Hallway - Click on Richy's locker. You may or may not have noticed, the code to the locker looks like numbers you can put into a calculator, but backwards! The combination is 53788078. When you let him out, he gives you a quarter. Follow him back to Mrs. Oddverb's room.

Room 9 (again): Mrs. Oddverb's room - Talk to Richy in the room and he'll tell you that he want's a button. Luckily you got one from the science room! Drag the button unto him, and he'll give you another quarter. With your fresh dollar in hand, it's time for the final task. Go back to the hall.

Hallway - Make your way to the left, downstairs, and to the left again and enter the lunch room.

Room 10: The Lunch Room - Click on Mrs. Munch. Tell her that you want chocolate pudding, and if you've been following this guide exactly, you should have just the right amount of money for it. Go back into the hallway.

Hallway - Go upstairs and drag your new pudding unto Chubb. You'll watch a funny little clip and Chubb'll barrel you into the Auditorium.

Room 11: The Auditorium - There is actually nothing for you to do here. Move along. Back upstairs with you.

Hallway - Finally, the door to the office is opened! What are you waiting for?

Room 12: The Office - Talk to Mrs. Mooses. Tell her "I'm here to see Mr. Potato" and then "I'm awesome."

Congratulations! You win the game! Now, can you defeat it a second time to get the alternate ending? Mwahahahaa

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