Cat in Outdoor Walkthrough

Cat in Outdoor WalkthroughI hope this a text Solution useful
1. Click on the Red Box to Remove It, and take the Dive Tool!

2. Goto The 3rd Area and give Monkey The Dive Tool. He'll return a Steering Wheel. Take it!

3. Go to the Last Area and give the Mouse In The Car, The Steering Wheel! Take the Fire Extinguisher!

4. Go back to 3rd Area and use The Fire Extinguisher on the Fire to Blow It Away! Take the bird...

5. Go to The Last Area again, and place the bird on The Nest. Once the Egg Opens, take the Toux Of Curry!

6. Go to Area 2, and give The Roux Of Curry to Panda's Food. When he's finished eating, take the Dying Flower!
7. Go To The 1st Area and give the Dying Flower To The Plant. Take the CD!

8. Go To Area 2 and open the Music Player. Insert The CD and Close The Music Player. Take the Magnet Of Black Sign!

9. Go back to Area 1, and put The Magnet Of Black Sign on the BlackBoard. On the square Between 8 & 16! Take The Tape Of Rubber!

10. Go To The Last Area and Give the Tape Of Rubber to Ballon and get the Key! Go back to Area 1, and free the cat!
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