Colors Escape Walkthrough

Colors Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful
First view, click bottom right of white screen and get red paintbrush.
In same view also click on lamp light bulb and get orange paintbrush.
Second view, click right bottom of couch and get yellow paintbrush.
In same view click just behind the triangle on table and get blue paintbrush.
In same view with triangle on desk, click on picture on wall behind table and get green paintbrush at top right hand side of picture frame.
Next view, click on trolley and get brown paintbush, right up in the corner on floor (see small dot there)
On same view, click on bottom right of window sill and get purple paintbrush in one of the window frames
Next scene, top drawer to place paintbrushes when all are collected.
Click on chair in the middle, and get white paintbrush on chair seat.
On same view click bottom right hand corner of desk and get black paintbrush.
Order as per first drop should be - white, black, brown, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, & red.

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