Cover Front 3 Walkthrough

slide left get newspaper from guy
get wallet and document from paper
slide right and exit train
go left
enter right door way
buy ticket
exit room and go all the way right till you see guard blocking door
go into right door
go right
locker 102
code 2340
take stuff from locker
go back to where bought ticket
other window is now open
buy knife
exit room
enter room below on left (the 2 women at table)
enter room on left
far right stall
click top of screen use knife on window
click window
take key to 14
get paper from bible
read it should be 5 digit number (number changes every game)
go to phone
set reciever on counter dial 5 digit number \
secret door in closet opens
enter secret room (room 13)
click drawing on wall
get key from box
get lil key from right drawer of desk
go right
click machine
enter code M 24 7 69
turn around place lil key in bottom hole
of switch on left of door
twist it
put other key on top of switch (it actualy a lever
click lever down to the right
turn back to machine
click button
get paper
leave hotel
go down street to library
click door on left
use newspaper break window
click window
enter door
go right
use door in front of you
click to open gate and go in
click drawer get key
click desktop enter code from doc
(mine was 32158)
press button get paper
leave room
go right
into circular room
enter middle door
use key
read doc about book
"N" cases
"NE" for newton click drawer get card
go back to circular room
enter left door enter new card into machine
get book
flip thru book get picture look at pic
hover over red writing
read what it says at top of screen
enter right room now
pull lever with same name as photo
should be third lever from left
click papers'paper back up click paper on table
click photo of guy w/ briefcase
exit room click symbol on floor
click guard
break off four bars of bed
one by hand the others u need to use bars to get
get note on window
stick bed bars into holes in paint on wall
back up click circleish area above bars
and on to level 5
click house
click door
(standing in front)
click right side
you will enter house
pull levers
exit house
click plane
click wheels
remove chaulks (the things under the wheels)
click cockpit
slide switch to the right
click middle of plane spin propeller
climb back into cockpit pull lever and take off

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