A Day in the Life of Mello Walkthrough

A Day in the Life of Mello WalkthroughDrag stone away.
Drag key to lock.
Click door handle to enter.
Click dark oval on floor to learn that “Zeb” is missing.
Go left once.
Take chocolate (it will be put in your inventory, but you cannot access your inventory directly).
Enter Matt’s Room.
Drag the handheld video game console to the trash.
Click on Matt.
Click on each conversation piece and learn that a van had driven away.
Exit the conversation and leave the room.
Go the right and exit the house.
Notice the footprints on the ground to the left.
Go left then left again (around the side of the house).
Click on tire tracks and footprints.
Go right and click on the off-colored section of the red house. It’s ¬red paint!
Click the red arrow in the middle of the screen to go back to the front of the house.
Click on the footprints and your inventory screen will pop up.
Drag the chocolate from your inventory to the footprints.
Go left then follow the road ahead.
Go to City Centre.
Click on entrance to Jack’s Shoes.
Talk to salesman until your inventory pops up.
Drag the chocolate mold to the salesman and he’ll show you a shoe.
Drag the shoe to your inventory and ask him who bought the shoe.
Leave Jack’s Shoes and go to the DMV. Amazingly there is no line!!!!
Click the computer.
Enter: van, red, 3, and click “search”.
Leave the DMV and return home.
Click right then follow the path to get to the Country Road.
Click the closed sign and quickly click the gray bar beneath it to open the door.
Talk to the man. You’ll learn that the perpetrator’s vehicle is still around somewhere.
Leave the rental office and go right.
Click the white car and make note of the tire tracks.
Head to the DMV and enter: cabriolet, white, 2. You learn that the perp lives right up the road from your house!
Go back home and this time go left.
Click the door on the far left and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with Rod – who’s sitting on your beloved Zeb!!
Talk to Rod until your inventory screen pops up.
Drag the shoe to Rod and suggest an exchange. When he doesn’t accept, exact your revenge by clicking “I’m done talking, Die!”
You’ll enter a little mini-game (not too hard, just aim and shoot at his head when he pops up from behind Zeb.
The only way you can die is if you shoot Zeb over and over again.
Once Rod’s dead you’re out!
Source: Escape Games 24

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