Escape the Dark Office Walkthrough

click on the tv
grab the intena
press the right arrow
click on the cigar box 2 times
grab the key on the side of the box
press the up arrow
press the 2nd drawer
grab the sckrew driver
click the up and right arrow
use the key on the cupboard
click on the box
then click on the pillow 2 times
take the tape
press the right arrow
take the small box on top of the book
use the intena to get the object between the sofa and the shelf with the boxes
press the right arrow
click on the hat stand with the cloth on it
click on the cloth pess the left arrow
click on the door
use the sckrew driver on the bullets
take the gun powder and put in the box
put the tape on the box
put the taped box on the door
put the cloth on the taped box
use the matches on the cloth
then game over

Key-in the box, on his desk
Screwdriver-in the drawer of his desk
TV antannae-the left TV antannae
tape Under the throwpillow
box-In the bookcase
Bullets-In the closet, in a big box. Use key to get in.
matches-the right side of the couch, use atannae under it.
cloth-on the coatrack

1. Get these items.
2. Know what we gotta do? Gotta pull a MacGuyver.
Here's what you do. Forget what they said on Mythbusters.
1. Use screwdriver on bullets, get gunpowder.
2. Gunpowder is at the top, put it in box.
3. Put tape on it.
4.Stick it to the door
5. Cloth it.
6. Use those matches.
7. WAH! Wait
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