Escape the Kitchen Walkthrough

Escape the Kitchen WalkthroughWelcome to this game solution
Click on flowers to get bowl
Click on bottom of trashcan to turn over and get knife
Click on bottom drawer to get spoon
Click on stove hood on right at middle line to get grater
Click on jar on shelf to remove brown lid
Click left cabinet (by stove) to get pan
Click on middle cabinet to find flour (use knife to open)
Click on third glass to take
Go right
Click in sink to get plate (please tell me it was already washed)
Click left pillow to get whisk
Click right top corner of rug for rest of recipe
Click between fridge and cabinets to get cake pan
Click to right of rainbow cube to get tape
Click tape and then paper in inventory to combine
Click taped paper and paper on fridge to combine
Click to see recipe
Click fridge handle to open
Get 2 eggs
Get butter
Open bottom fridge drawer for orange
Use knife on box in fridge to open and then use glass to get milk
Go left
Place bowl on counter (below the shelf between the glasses and canister)
Use spoon to get baking powder from canister then click bowl to add and repeat
Add both eggs
Mix by clicking whisk and then bowl
Use spoon on butter then add to frying pan
Add pan to stove and turn on to melt butter
Take pan and then add to bowl
Add glass of milk to bowl
Use spoon 4 times with flour and add to bowl
Combine orange and grater to get zest and add to bowl
Mix again
Click bowl and then combine bowl with cake pan
Place cake pan in oven
Click left oven handle to turn oven on and then click again to turn off
(wish my oven was instantaneous!)
Combine plate and cake pan in inventory to get cake slice
Give to child and get key (he's an extortionist in the making)
Use key on door to leave
You're out!!!! congratulations!!!

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