Find the Numbers Challenge 21 Walkthrough

Find the Numbers Challenge 21 Text Walkthrough
Level 1
1 = top corner of 5th machine (to the left of 24)
2= blue number in design of third machine
3= front of second machine
4= diamond on back wall (looks like window)
5= screen of pinball machine
6= flower on wall above second machine
7= coin slot of first machine (to left of red button)
8= purple number inside pinball machine
9= ceiling
10= right red buttons of second machine
11= on seat of right machine
12= wall over 4th machine
13= left screen of first machine (part of game)
14= controllers of 4th machine
15= yellow number on side of machine all the way to the right
16= floor
17= right cage around screen of second machine
18= top of third machine
19= red numbers on side of first machine
20= screen of third machine
21= right grate on ceiling
22= front middle of first machine
23= front of pinball machine
24= top right of 4th machine
25= top front of first machine
Level 2
1 = left scoreboard
2= right table
3= base of table with the number 5
4= leftmost purple ball (toward back of room)
5= left table
6= ceiling to right of 13 (looks like a speaker cover)
7= ceiling on right
8= right side of room below grate (under number 15)
9= wall to the left
10= middle scoreboard
11= pins of right lane
12= wall near ceiling
13= right scoreboard
14= above pins end of third lane
15= back wall on right hand side of room in black area
16= front of left ball return
17= pins of second lane to left
18= left wall in the red-orange color
19= right of room on blue ball
20= blue and purple bowling balls above the 16
21= end of left lane above pins
22= ceiling in center
23= back wall
24= right of room in second ball return
25= upper right corner

Level 3
1 = legs of dark lounge chair to right of the left planter (in middle of almost W shape)
2= made of leaves in front planter
3= right window; below the 7
4= side of chair in right cabana (click above the purple lounge chair)
5= front beach ball
6= grey tube under left bridge
7= right window
8= orange float in back of pool
9= on leaves of left plant in right planter
10= green floats in right of pool
11= railing of right bridge
12= left of palm in left planter
13= on flower of right plant in front planter
14= on leaves of right palm
15= on purple float (to left of 8)
16= back wall at top
17= legs of right purple chair
18= pavers to back of pool (in front of middle cabana)
19= in railing of left bridge
20= under water on leftmost part of pool center design (to right of left bridge)
21= on roof of middle cabana
22= on cement ring in center design of pool
23= in railing of left bridge
24= center of tree shadow below middle beach ball
25= under water to right of front planter

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