Find the Numbers Challenge 23 Walkthrough

You can play the game from the link below
I hope this walkthrough useful
For level 1 ; 1- box on truck , 2-box
3-ladder , 4-box
5-top of right cargo
6-side of ship
7-bottom of crane
10-top of right cargo
11-right of truck, on red cargo
12-stone on left
13-side of ship
14-dock wood beams
15-yellow cargo
16-roof of first building
17-bottom wall under right house
18-window of second building
19-red rusty cargo
20-platform floor
21-license plate
22-top of right crate
23-far orange cargo
24-right building
25-side of second ship, right above the water.

For Level 2:

1-dock post
2-side of building
3-front side of middle boat
4-dock post
5-side of left boat
6-side of back boat
7-side of right boat
8-side of left boat
9-sticking out of right boat
10-side of left boat
11-dock post
13-under dock in water
14-top of far building
15-mid-front of middle boat
16-steamstack of left boat
17-left-top of back boat
18-backside of left boat
19-side of back boat
20-top-front of middle boat
21-grating of right ship
22-front of back boat
23-right side of middle boat
25-water next to left boat

For level 3:

1-red post holding up awning on 3rd building
2-back of left boat
3-top of 7th building
4-railing of back boat
5-roof of 1st building
6-left of left boat
7-top of post on blue boat
8-fronr of right boat
9-upsidedown on bottom of front short boat
10-top right corner of 1st building
11-sticking out of all white boad, looks like Ts
12-water in front of blue boat
13-above door of 2nd building
14-stone building
15-middle of 6th building
16-wall behind the blue boat
17-railing of right boat
18-window of 3rd building
19-side of blue boat
20-peak of first building
21-far left water
22-top of 6th building
23-rock in background
24-roof of 4th building
25-on blue cube of front short boat.
Source: Escape Games 24

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