Find the Object in Hospital Walkthrough

Find the Object in Hospital Text Walkthrough
Scene one:
1 Drapes
2 Center bottom of "T"
3 Blue screen bottom left
4 Above left stool
5 Center right, above stool
6 Monitor on right
7 Bed on right
8 Cart on right
9 Cart on left
10 Cart on left
Scene 2

1 Below blue sheet
2 Below plaid sheet
3 Far left
4 Far right
5 Middle top
6 Center green stool
7 Center green stool
8 Right hand light
9 Black curve of left light (this is the one I couldn't get.
10 Yellow dot on middle machine in back

Scene 3

1 Pill bottle on left
2 Beside pill bottle on left
3 Blue middle circle
4 Chair beside circle
5 By left arm of wheelchair
6 Tray by bed
7 Below center of lights
8 Left light in center
9 Yellow bottle on left
10 Right light

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