The Fun Fair Walkthrough

The Fun Fair Text Walkthrough
First explore the whole site and collect coins, counters and stars. Make sure you find CHOPSTICKS left of the Pasta Place. Go to the trucks and look inside them for LIGHTER and WRENCH. There is a small SHRUB in the top right corner of the site in the forest and BUMBER coin to the right of the Haunted House (and I think I picked up the BOLT near the shrub).

BUMBER CARS - use the wrench to remove the grill at the top and use the bumper coin to activate. Shove a car thru the hole. Exit and find it at the back to get COUNTERS.

Play the balloon game (try just the 3/1 combo) and collect at least 10 lollies. Give the lollies to Romaine who is wandering around. He will give you a LAMP. Fill the lamp with OIL from the trucks. Use the LIGHTER (from a truck) and turn the lamp on. Enter the GHOST TRAIN with the lamp and collect 5 counters also count the skeletons. You should have 20 counters by now (keep searching and make sure you have done the bumper car game). Go to the FERRIS WHEEL and feed all the counters to get the SMART CARD. Back to the Ghost Train and put the smart card in the mouth of the skeleton with flashing eys (near the bathing skeleton) and get a RIDDLE BOOK. Give the riddle book to Romaine and get FREE PASS to all games.
Go to the Pancake Place and get a pancake. Give the crepe to Greg at the Pasta Place. Yuk!! Go back to the Pancake Place and get an ugly PAINTING and CARROT (behind his head). Now make Fairy Floss
Put the BOLT on the machine (cant remember where I found it but I think it was in the top right area) and press the button. Get at least 10 lollies from playing games and give them to Romaine for SUGAR. Put sugar in the machine and use the CHOPSTICKS (found near the Pasta Place)to make Fairy Floss.
Go to Miky with the toys and give the carrot. Then give the Fairy Floss and get a TEDDY BEAR. Examine the bear and press the eyes and nose to get the NECKLACE.

Give shrub to Greg at the Pasta Place, answer the question about the skeletons (see comment 82) and get a flask of water. Add water to plant and get a BONSAI.

PLAY THE GAMES - you only need the first prize.
Horse - silver heart
Aunt Sally - AC
Lucky wheel - horse shoe
Wild west - 4 leaf clover (shoot the cactus to get access to the shooters)
Duck fishing - diamond (wave stick over duck to collect and make sure to wave stick over the edge to drop the duck off on the side - dont need to click the mouse)
Squirrels - golden sun
Balloons - ??? (still playing)

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