Jewelry Escape 2 Walkthrough

Welcome To The Jewelry Escape 2 Walkthrough!
New Flash game and new walkthrough :)
I hope this video and text walthrough useful
You can play the game from the link below
From this video,thanks Escapegames1
game controls use mause to play
By applying the game play I have the following explanation can

1-)First screen, click on green drawer furniture and get another view (like looking down) jewel in very upper left top corner.
2-)click on plant on desk, jewel in corner behind it on floor.
In grey file cabinet there's a place to put jewels - 2nd drawer I think.
3-)Click right to next view.
4-) Click on green plant in corner and see another jewel on one of the white doors of wardrobe.
5-)Click on top of green wardrobe, see jewel on top of wardrobe against the wall.
In next view with armchairs, click on big plant at left and zoom in, see jewel on bottom leg of brownish furniture (bit hard to see)
6-)click towards TV, get another view of painting on wall in front. Click on left side of painting to get another jewel (red)
In view with bunk beds, click on the right hand yellow knob of top bunk to get another jewel.
7-)Click on bottom bed, right side between bedside table and get another jewel in the corner.
8-)Click towards back of beds on painting and get another jewel on the left hand side of painting (outside on frame)
On the same view you clicked to get the jewel on the top bed knob, there's another jewel behind it on the green top part of furniture.
You should now have all the jewels. Put them all there correct places in the grey file cabinet drawer and you can now leave.

Source: Escape Games 24

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