Loom Custody Walkthrough

Welcome.I hope this walkthrough useful.Starting the game.
In holeleft side of the door take BREAD
Look right where tere is watter get CANDLE
Put candle on stand next door
Put table under window then put bread where is plume
Go & come back see a bird giving u a MATCH
Use match on lightbulb to light it up
Use match on candle see FIRE
Look at ceilling it's a hint
Use match on note above grey stool get 608 code
Use code under stool get SCREWDRIVER
Moove table to leftside
Use screwdriver on panel
Lift up "under pot" next door see F notice CIRCLE shapeRightside of stool notice I * shape
Leftside of panel u just took off se R shape
Moove table to right side
Use panel un water under panel space see Triangle for E
Moove table again
Impute shape code to write FIRE
Circle, *, Icesream shape, triangle
Use towel on lightbulb to take it off
Use hammer on lightbulb (follen rightside of stool)
get KEY
Use towel on bloody wall see FREEDOM
Light green rope next to candle door exploses
See other shape code (number of corner of the shape)
F = circle = 0
R = icecream = 5
E = triangle = 3
D (under stool) = D = 2
O (on paper above stool) = dubble square = 8
M (next to candle) = half moon = 2
Use key unde stool then impute 0533282 (FREEDOM)

Source: Escape Games 24

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