Magic Key Escape Walkthrough

Magic Key Escape WalkthroughWelcome.A Text and video solution
Click under left bench cabinet for red
Click under bench for green
Turn left note the place to put pieces
Turn left and click on arm of couch for yellow
Click above 2 left cushions on couch back for second yellow
Click next to middle couch leg for red
Turn left and click to right of bookcase by floor for blue
Click upper left of cabinet under wine for blue
Turn left and click trashcan for black
Click right black cabinets for red on top
Click over lower cabinets to right of stove for white
Click first of right gray cabinets (to right of stove) for red
Click to right of table leg to see under table, and then click the down arrow to get second white
Nope don’t go left -- nothing left to find!
Go right to place where you will put shapes and look at colors (pink, gray, orange, brown, green, and purple)
Now remember how to mix colors from elementary school!
Combine red and white to make pink; white and black to get gray, red and yellow for orange, red and green for brown, blue and yellow for green, red and blue for purple)
Get key and get out!

Source: Escape Games 24

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